Breast reconstruction and Lymph node transfer surgery..

In these two videos we see Dr Corrine Becker and Dr Marga Massey performing a breast reconstruction and Lymph Node Transfer… It is amazing to be able to see these two doctors working side by side. Dr Corrine Becker has been performing Lymph Node Transfers for 20 years but it is only in the last few years that more doctors have been following in her foot steps, many trained by her. It is very exciting to see such innovative steps in the treatment of Lymphedema which can cause many problems for Breast Cancer patients, also those treated for other forms of cancer, where lymph nodes have been removed.

The surgical procedure was filmed by WCBD-2 Charleston at Roper Street, Francis Healthcare.

The Daily Routine… Self massage videos

I get very bored with the daily routine, so I like to have a variety of videos that I can use so that I can mix it up a bit!!! Every video gives you a slightly different regime and method, or though the basics are the same. I often find it easier to follow a video while I work on myself so that I do not cheat and skip bits!! Some days I skip the MLD and do plenty of breathing and exercises to stimulate the lymphatics, other days I use MLD either in the morning or evening. However as we all know it takes time and effort to do all this, but if we do not our limbs get worse! If we can make it interesting it helps…

I found the following videos from Michigan State University Rehabilitation, the therapist is Heidi Roe. I like them as they give clear instructions as to how you should use your hands while doing the MLD, it is a cupping motion. I also like the knee work she demonstrates as my main swelling is in the middle of the leg. I hope you find them useful too.

Video of upper body self massage for Lymphedema by Heidi Roe

Video of lower body self massage for Lymphedema by Heidi Roe
This one helped me as it shows massaging around the knee area.

Video of self massage for lower leg and ankle by Heidi Roe
This is a great video as many people experience their worst swelling in the lower leg and ankle so this is really helpful.