In retrospect…. Living with Primary Lymphoedema… Reblog

I found this blog today , or should I say this lady found me, her blog is about her life living with Primary lymphoedema. Please give her your support as she had stopped writing for a while as she felt there was a lack of interest. Her account is open and honest and gives a true picture of the difficulties she encounters every day. Primary Lymphoedema is different to secondary as there is a weakness in the entire lymphatic system which causes a whole set of different
problems… Please follow and share to build awareness.. Thanks


In June of 2001, I met my best friend. She was small, practically pocket-sized, and kinda wrinkly. The first time I looked at her I was in love. She was already pretty spoiled when I met her; she’d had her own built-in swimming pool for months, music piped in daily with her very own soloist to accompany, and more sushi than she could eat.

At 8 months, something went wrong with her swimming area. The pool flooded so, with a little help, she was brought into the world one month early. Bright and beautiful. What we didn’t know then was that my lymphatic system had shut down.

In 2006, five years after my daughter was born, I found myself sitting in a salon in a barber’s chair talking to one of my then-clients, Brian Kuhn at Evolutions. I think hairdressers and bartenders must be kindred, it always seems so…

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