You Understand!!

I have been thinking the last few day how special it is to talk to another person who has Lymphoedema… Because they get it with no need to explain. While staying at Mt Wilga I have had that opportunity… Very special….

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I’m Dancing too!

Well I am still in the A team, not on the bench and not in the dressing rooms ready to go home, the coach is happy and training continues.


Yesterday I saw Dr Quan Ngo, for my three month post surgical check up at Macquarie University Hospital and he had the ultrasound report  from last week.

This report is for: Dr Q. Ngo
Referred By:
Dr Q. Ngo

US – LEFT KNEE 30/05/2013 Reference: 1029330


CLINICAL HISTORY: Lymph node transfer to medial left knee in March
2013. To assess for presence/number of viable nodes.

High-resolution ultrasound of the left knee was performed.

There are two visible lymph nodes in the medial left knee within the
subcutaneous tissues measuring 6mm. There is marked subcutaneous

Radiologist: Dr Y. Ong

The Dr said he did not know how many nodes were transferred, as they don’t look into the flap of transferred tissue so as not to damage the nodes, but he was happy with two. There had been a real fear that the infection may have damaged the nodes so this is fantastic news. I now feel like I have two little babies in my knee that I have to nurture and care for!!


Measuring board allows for accurate spacing while taking the circumference of leg or arm.. Google images

Next my measurements, but here there is a bit of a dilemma, as my pre surgery measurements have gone missing, it seems they were not entered on the computer and the hard copies have gone walk about! There has also been a change in how they take measurements, since the team visited Sweden to see the doctors there last month. On Wednesday the physio took my measurements with new spacing up the leg, inline with the new system, so they do not compare with those taken last month!! They also do not compare with the only pre surgery measurements found which were taken in 2009 at Mt Wilga Hospital. I guess that from this month we will be able to track progress again in an official way once we have a few measures done by the new system!!! On a positive note my L-Dex reading is now down to 8.4.


L-Dex chart…Google images

Then Dr Ngo checked my knee movements and gave me some exercises to strengthen and help with bending etc. He also took photos to compare with pre surgery and later on down the track… For sure I will not be winning the sexy legs competition!! Now when I do my MLD I am to take the hand over the new nodes to encourage them to work and to become part of their new lymphatic system. He also checked the areas that are still numb from the surgery, but these are getting much smaller as the nerves start to reconnect and heal. The numbness was great after surgery as it stopped there being any pain! There is one area that bothers me being numb and that is down the front of my leg and it affects my foot but the doctor says that this will also settle over time. These are all the little side effects that I did not know about before surgery!! The other one is the scar on my neck which has gone a bit lumpy in the past week, there seems to be a problem with the dissolving stitches and a reaction to them, which is very strange. The Dr suggested I use silicone gel which you buy as a small sheet and place over the scar. He called it the “Rolls Royce” of healing! This is supposed to induce healing and get rid of any raised areas or redness… We will see how that goes as it had been healing very well up to now. If in a month it has not settled or gets worse I am to contact the Dr. I sometimes I think these little problems are coming my way so I can write and prepare others for what is ahead, hopefully from now on it will all be plain sailing!


Various Lymphoscintigrams… Google images

My next visit to see Dr Ngo will be in three months on September 14th. Prior to this I am to have a lymphoscintigram to map the lymphatics and an MRI to check the fluid levels in the leg, both to compare with pre surgery scans. In the mean time I am to keep doing what I am doing! Nothing has changed so far with my “Living with Lymphoedema,” MLD, compression and Ready Wraps are all still part of my life, even though I would love to throw them all in the rubbish bin!! I hope one day in the future…….. The doctor said I am back on track after the infection and that is all I can ask at this stage…  My next goal is to build my fitness up again!