I am blogging for Mental Health


May 14th 2014 will be Mental Health day, as a blogger I am taking up the challenge to create a post for this day. I hope to help spread better understanding of the issues around mental health, to diminish the stigma and encourage people to speak out. Never be afraid to seek help. Talk to a family member, friend or a professional if you feel you are not coping. So often we say we are ok, when we are not, but never be afraid to say you need help. Sometimes a simple chat can help, but sometimes it takes a psychologist, psychiatrist or counsellor to help.  Medication maybe needed. Always remember there is help if you let people know, never, never be afraid to say “I need help.”

imageI am going to use this opportunity to share with you a charity we have in Australia called  RUOK… As the name says, it is about talking to people, checking on their wellbeing, spending time on starting a conversation that may save a life. You maybe the  friend or family member that someone confides in, so make sure you listen, support and if need be find help for someone.


Just starting a conversation with someone could make all the difference.



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