Giving my support to Research Funding ……


This is the letter that is to go out to Alumni of Macquarie University to raise funds, for equipment to improve imaging of the Lymphatic system, prior to a Lymph node Transfer… Lets hope they raise the money they need and that my little story will allow people to understand the need for research in this area.. Will let you all know how  this goes!!

There is also an online link available from 18th November…
This is the link to the fund-raising appeal if anyone would like to donate

If you believe in it…. Fight for it…


If you believe in it and it makes you happy never stop fighting for it

Last week I was invited to tell my story as part of a fund-raiser for Lymphoedema research at Macquarie University Hospital. I am very excited about this as it has always been my aim to build awareness, education and understanding of Lymphoedema. Yesterday I was interviewed by a writer who will put my story, of the last 12 years, together. This will be added to an article from Prof. Boyages, who is overseeing the research program. It will then be sent out to all the alumni and connections of Macquarie University in the hope of raising much-needed funds for equipment required for this research program..  I will never give up the fight to have Lymphoedema recognised and understood, both primary and secondary LE.