Preparing for Lipedema Liposuction (mind, body and wallet!)

For those with Lipedema this maybe a good blog to follow for personal infomation

My Lipedema Journey

A little over a week to go until my surgery and I’m preparing as much as possible to ease the recovery process. I spoke with a consultant who specialises with Lipedema and I was recommended to have Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM) at least two times prior to surgery.

So I would like to focus on two things that you should prepare: your physical body and your bank account. LDM is, at least where I live, rather expensive and from what I understand, not covered by insurance so it comes directly out of my pocket. As of yet I haven’t researched whether or not the rest of my surgery will be in some way claimable in my country but I will hopefully remember to report on that later (if not, please remind me)!

From what little I’ve prepared I am at least having LDM! It basically means I lie on a flat bed…

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Soon: 1st Center of Excellence for Lipedema Care and Treatment in NYC

This is very exciting news for anyone who has Lipedema or a combination of Lipedema and Lymphedema.. Dr Dayan is already well-respected for his Lymph node transfer surgery and the addition of treatment for Lipedema can only be of benefit … I am reblogging this and thank Catherine for bringing us this news..

Lipedema Simplified BLOG

Catherine, Dr Joe Dayan, Dr Stefan Rapprich & Dr Mark Smith - the McDreamys for sure! Catherine, Dr Joe Dayan, Dr Stefan Rapprich & Dr Mark Smith – the McDreamys for sure!

Dr Joe Dayan, Dr Josef Stutz, Dr Mark Smith Dr Joe Dayan, Dr Josef Stutz, Dr Mark Smith

A year ago today I was in the Operating Room at Beth Israel Medical Center/Mt Sinai Hospitals filming with Dr. Mark Smith and Dr. Joe Dayan. Working with them has been a marathon of a different sort and it looks like we are about to cross the finish line! The 1st Center of Excellence for Lipedema Care and Treatment in NYC in the USA is soon to be a reality! These pictures are from our trip to Germany March 2014.

The Friedman Center for Lymphedema Research and Treatment is located at 10 Union Square East, Suite 2L, New York, New York, 10003.  Lymphatic surgery is performed at Beth Israel Medical Center located on First Avenue and 16th Street in Manhattan.

Dr. Stefan Rapprich, Dr. Mark Smith, Dr. Joe Dayan, observing surgery with Dr. Gerhard Sattler in Frankfurt Germany - March 2014 Dr. Stefan Rapprich, Dr…

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A film about Lipoedema ….

This video is a must watch to understand Lipoedema. Created in Australia by the LASS group it was sent to me this morning by a friend, with the following information..

“For this film I have teamed up with Dietlind Wagner, a graphic designer & puppeteer and my daughter Tilly, a playwright in London. We thought the neutral medium of puppetry would be ideal to highlight this little-known condition which can make the lives of many women who suffer from it miserable. Lipoedema, is a condition where abnormal fatty deposits accumulate around the hips and legs but not the feet. Sometimes known as “painful fat syndrome,” women who have lipoedema often believe they are simply over-weight but find that no amount of exercise or diet reduces the fatty deposits. Their legs and thighs are out of proportion with the rest of their body. This condition affects women only and manifests itself usually after puberty, child-birth or menopause.

Imagine how soul-destroying it must be, when the only advice your doctor gives you is to lose weight, but you know too well you have already tried every diet under the sun.

With our film we want to reduce the prejudice towards those with the condition and instigate more research into the subject. I shall present the above poster at the 10th Australasian Lymphology Association Conference in Auckland (3-5 April 2014) and the film with the use of a QR code and a tablet.

Life would become so much easier for sufferers, if only more people knew it is a medical condition and not a weakness of the will.

Please share the film!

A big, fat Thank You!


Thanks Avril I am sharing this great video… Wonderful work and I am sure it will spread far and wide to build awareness of Lipoedema / Lipedema.