SAPL Surgery – the second step!

Update on SAPL surgery …thanks for sharing…

Lymphosaurus Rex

Hey all,

Gosh its been a while since I did an update on the blog; but not much has happened up until recently. (If you want more regular news from me, its best to follow me on Instagram @lymphosaurs_rex)

I recently went to Paris for “stage two” of my Lymphedema surgery plan and had a liposuction procedure (SAPL) with Dr Becker. The goal was to remove the fibrous tissue (mainly on the exterior side of my left left) that has accumulated over the years of living with LE. To the naked eye, it looks like nothing but a fat leg, but when you touched my leg it was kind of harder in some spots than others.

The procedure took about one hour and I was a day patient at the hospital (no overnight stay required). I never really had a huge amount of pain (stopped taking the pain killers around day…

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3 thoughts on “SAPL Surgery – the second step!

  1. I had breast ca in 1987. I had to deal with lymphedema for years. My lymph nodes were removed under my right arm and they were negative (that’s another story). In May of 2018 I underwent a lymph venous transfer and lymph node transplant in NJ. It took 8 hours of microsurgical reattaching. The swelling is not totally gone but way better than it was. Now, here’s my problem–I was told I wouldn’t have to deal with any more infections, and I have been good for two years but suddenly I have one of my old raging infections in my right arm complete with swelling, redness, etc. Of course I am now taking antibiotics which used to knock it right out. I live in GA and went to NJ to have the surgery so I cannot readily go back in to see the doctor. I am beyond discouraged because I thought this surgery was a success and now I see that maybe it was not. I have a call in to the doctor’s nurse (You can never actually speak to the surgeon) and we’ll see what she says. I am wondering if maybe the lymph node transfer just lessens the chances of infection and that there is still a chance–am I right. Also, I would be interested in some type of liposuction as well. When I went back up to NJ last year, the surgeon declared me a success story and was all smiles. I guess I am not a success story.

    • I think it just lessens the chances…before my surgery I infections at least twice a year … since 2013 i have only had one infection which was last year so I hope this will be the case for you and that you have no more… i am still very careful with any cuts or mossie bites etc ..also my swelling is much better but not gone but leg much easier to manage …. take care and good luck in the future xx Helen

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