Update from Loretta

imageI’m doing well I keep saying I owe you an update but time flies by! I was at my therapist yesterday and she measured me and I am smaller than the last which was in September. Overall much smaller than before the surgery.😊My thigh is “normal ” but where he implanted the nodes in my calf is a little bigger. You would have to look hard at my leg to see the difference.
I stopped wearing a tribute at night and decreased my stocking compression to a class 1 from a 3, BUT I still wear my ready wrap on top of the stocking.
The end of January I am scheduled for my one year MRA and beginning of February a Lymphocintigraphy, excited to see how my babies are performing!! I see my surgeon after the testing.
Hopefully he will tell me to get rid of the wrap and start with a higher compression stocking to make up for the loss of the wrap.
All in all the surgery seems to be working for me and hopefully I continue to see results.
You can share this on your site and if anyone would like to contact me I would be happy to speak to them.

This is a link to her previous post at time of surgery


Even though there are not many new posts this blog is always being monitored and someone can answer questions …love to hear your stories always ..plus I reblog any interesting posts from others on lymphedema…

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9 thoughts on “Update from Loretta

  1. I would like to know where did u do it, your doctor ‘s name and what state in usa. I would like to do it too, my foot make me crazy and sad.

  2. Dr korine becker , when are u gonna be in ny , oi would like to see u for my left leg lymphodema, please Dr korinne or refer me to to another Doctor in USA thank u in advance ! Dr

  3. I have had lympedema since puberty. After reading about this blog I decided to pursue surgery. I had a lymphocintigraphy. I was told the test took at least 8-10 hours. The tech told me he had never done the test before. I was there 3 hours. They said the test was normal. Now I’m told I’m not a candidate for surgery. I’m heartbroken. I am considering making an appointment out of state (Dr. Chang) for a second opinion. I’m afraid my insurance will not cover it. I see a therapist 2 times a week but I would love to have my legs improve.

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