Exercise to help your lymphatics..

From time to time I am asked by people if they can write an article for this blog, some I refuse and others I accept. This is an article about Rebounding as a way to help the lymphatics. I was once told that 15 minutes a day jumping on a mini trampoline would be great for my lymphedema. I gave it a go and was amazed that it was hard work!!  But it felt good … I am aware that some of you would not be able to do this exercise but for others it is something different to do at home. I think you can also get mini trampolines with a handle for support.



Rebounding & your Lymph System … Health Benefits Galore!

As you may know, your lymph system plays a vital role in your body’s ability to fight disease and self-maintenance. But, unlike your circulatory system, there is no “motor” to get your lymph system revved up and your lymph moving. There are various self-care methods you can use to stimulate your lymph, including manual lymph drainage, skincare, and exercise. Exercise is extremely important, as not only does it benefit your overall health, but can help relieve some of they symptoms of lymphedema and other lymphatic disorders. If you are living with lymphedema, make your exercise time count with efficient exercises that impact your lymph system. Lymph in your body flows vertically, meaning traditional exercises such as running won’t be as effective as you would like with getting your lymph moving. Focus on vertically oriented activities that use the force of gravity, such as jumping jacks and rebounding. Rebounding is just a fancy term for bouncing on a trampoline, and it can have tremendous benefits including increasing your lymph flow and improving your overall health. In this infographic from Rebounder Zone, you can see the wide-ranging positive impact rebounding can create for your body. Don’t let a sluggish lymph system prevent you from living the active life you want and enjoying the health you deserve!
Leonard J. Parker III
Business Development Manager
Rebounder Zone

13 thoughts on “Exercise to help your lymphatics..

  1. I asked both of my LE therapists about rebounders and neither heard of it being helpful for LE. As with everything concerning LE, it is never a one size fits all. Prior to my LNT surgery, I kept the swelling down by sitting and elevating. The more time I spent vertical the worse the LE got. I did exercise my leg from a sitting position. Guess it’s all about trial and error. You need to find out what works best for you. Today, I am able to spend a lot of time on my feet (in my garment) with no swelling. The same is true for shopping for a garment, lots of trials and errors until you find the one that works best for you. Unfortunately, that gets expensive. Same goes for garment fitters, some are better than others. A lot of work goes into caring for our LE.

    • The best exercise for me was walking in a pool as the water is natural compression… Exercise of some description is important for LE as that is the only way the Lymph moves … Gentle exercise that does not over heat the limb and cause more lymphatic fluid .. An LE physio told me about using a mini trampoline which I bought quite cheaply and could use at home … Not suitable for everyone but an idea… Some people go to the gym others even run marathons …. One size does not fit all where exercise is concerned.. Everyone has to find what works best for them …..

    • Cindy, You are absolutely correct—-I found out a couple of days ago that there are Jobst gloves that you can purchase that make putting the elvarex on much easier——it only took me 3 years to find this out—-can you believe it?? ??? What the hell???? I feel I have had to scratch. claw, beg, research, ask, etc to find out the most basic of questions. Finally, the other day while at work, one of our chaplains who used to be a “fitter” for LE garments, told me about gloves from Jobst that you can buy on Ebay which make it much easier to put the stockings on……I have been sitting on the floor for 3 years with a pair of Mr. clean rubber gloves on that I buy from the super market and a fan on me in the summer to help me pull up the stocking. Why in the world didn’t the “fitter” that I normally go make the suggestion to me about the gloves?????? So much frustration is associated with this journey of ours. We are making strides step by step but OMG it is truly frustrating. I read the entry about Dr. Marge that LE and LNT is no longer considered experimental—–Thank you dear Jesus——every step, every crumb is so helpful and I am so greatful for everything and for having this wonderful blog site where I am constantly learning and keeping current with this journey of ours. I educated a dermatologist today about LE and the LNT….God Bless Us all—–Hang on everyone—we GOT THIS!!!!!!!!.

      • Hi Liz.. We learn all the time from each other we are our own best educators!! I have some of those gloves but still found my rubber gloves work better but you try them maybe I did no have the right Technique!!!! Yes I thought that was great news that this surgery is at last excepted after all the sceptics who put it down and thought us mad for doing it !!! It gets better all the time .. Have seen so much improve in the last three years it makes me so happy to be part of this… Love our community and all who are part of it …Helen xx

  2. Wish there was some set protocol for LE. Maintenance instructions vary, MLD treatment varies, physical aids to help make garment easier to put on are unknown (until someone mentions them). My two favorites are 3M Tegaderm Fim for all those spots your garment rubs your leg raw and the easy-glide which helps get garment over foot and heel! Then there is the matter of post/op and pre-op instructions!!! Finding a garment that works for you is a lot of trial and error. Wake up thinking about LE, think about it through out the day. It is a very stressful (and expensive condition). Yet, we have no choice but to keep moving forward and reaching out and sharing with others 💕

    • Very true Cindy.. Have to get some if that 3m film for back if my knee… Sitting in wheelchair is causing stocking to rub in crease at back if knee as bent all the time 😦 thought if you and how you said it was good … I have some fancy gloves but I reverted back to rubber gloves as they worked better!! And cheaper!! ….so much trial and error and no two people are a like in what works!!! Helen

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