Research… Lymphedema


To find a cure for Lymphedema there needs to be research.. This information was sent to me by a reader via a comment and I thought it may be interesting to you all…

“There is a future treatment that I don’t see tracked in the past postings in your blog. I think it’s something that your readers may find intriguing. The potential treatment involves a form of retinoic acid. To put a very general label on retinoic acid, it is associated with vitamin A and as a layman I can’t embellish the specific differences. What is clear is that some experimentation is bringing to light favourable aspects of retinoic acid. A few papers have been published on beneficial aspects of a very specific variation of Retinoic acid called 9-CIS. In 2012 a published a paper in the American Heart Association publication Circulation showed a very favourable improvements in lymphatic function with mice as the recipients. That paper is available in its entirety at the first link below. At that time, I was surprised that this paper did not bring about a trial. Instead, there was much skepticism and a counter editorial published in that same issue of Circulation. It appears that the authors of that paper continued experimentation and recently published additional findings on 9-CIS. The second link is for the new paper which is only available as an abstract at this time. Again, the results for 9-CIS were quite positive and repeatable.

As you will see if you read the paper, 9-CIS is already approved by the FDA as a treatment for other diseases. This means an extensive amount of testing and data is available about this drug. Of course, there is uncertainty and risk with any human trial, but a drug that has already obtained certification for use on humans is not such an unknown. Because LE day approaches there may be a small spike in the topic. I often wonder if a grassroots request effort from LE sufferers would aid in accelerating trials for treatments for LE.”

Thanks Paul for this interesting information .. We hope that as time goes by there will be more and more research into a cure for Lymphedema… It is much needed by all those that live with this  24/7



5 thoughts on “Research… Lymphedema

  1. Thank you Helen for passing along this very interesting article/study. I have my follow up with Dr. Dayan next month and I’m going to ask him what he knows about this. XO Deb

    • There are a few studies using existing medications most by Dr Rockford but so far nothing concrete from any of them … If you google search you may find some of his … As Paul says medications that are already FDA approved for humans does short cut the research… It is good to know they ate trying .. Send me an email and let me how your follow up goes .. Helen xx

  2. I just had Lymph Node Transfer surgery. Nodes were harvested from my neck region, and transferred to my left arm. I am still healing, yet I have noticed a positive difference! I am starting Occupational Therapy next week, and I am scheduled for a Liposuction procedure on my arm, to remove all the excess fatty material that lymph fluid turns into. I am very excited for my future!

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