Shamed by Facebook: How One Woman’s “Undesirable” Photo Turned Outrage into Empowerment

I am reblogging this so that people understand what it means to have primary lymphedema … Helping to build awareness… Thanks Alexa for this article after FB asked Karen to remove her picture …

The Lymphie Life

Social media holds the potential to connect and empower people, but it can just as easily tear down and dehumanize them. For one Canadian woman on Facebook earlier this week, it did both.

The photo Facebook deemed "undesirable." (Photo courtesy of CTV News.) The photo Facebook deemed “undesirable.” (Photo courtesy of CTV News.)

Karen Bingham has lived with primary lymphedema for most of her life. Despite her father and six of her siblings also having lymphedema, however, she has often felt isolated and misunderstood by the rest of the world.

Frustrated with the lack of awareness surrounding her condition, Bingham decided to host a symposium to help educate her community on lymphedema as well as create an opportunity for people to connect with one another and learn about their local treatment options.

To help promote the event, Bingham posted a photo—a close-up of her swollen bare legs—on Facebook. Not long after posting it, however, she was notified that her photo had been reported for containing…

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