Sometimes Lymphedema just feels awful!!

As we approach world Lymphedema day on March 6th I am sharing stories of what it is really like to have Lymphedema … This was posted a while ago but I felt it would be good to share again …. If you would like to share your story please email me at Just write your story as an email and I will create a post out of it … Thanks Helen

My Lymph Node Transplant

This article was sent to me by Jennifer, she wanted to be able to share her anger and grief at the way Lymphoedema has changed her life. To let people know that we are just men and women trying to deal with a very difficult on going situation. That we are human in our sorrow and anger at what has happened after cancer treatment or because we are born with impaired lymphatics…. We were not prepared nor did we have any insight into what it meant to have Lymphoedema only fellow Lymphies understand that. We can stand like soldiers and be strong and positive but there are times that this is just not possible… There are days that we feel like Jennifer when she wrote this.. Thank you Jennifer for being so honest, I can relate to all you say and I am sure others will too.

imagePersonal commentary –…

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