Put this date in your Diary and sign the petition


Put this date in your diary… March 6th 2016 will be World Lymphedema Day… The whole of March is Lymphedema awareness month, there is a push to have Lymphedema recognised by the various government health funds. In March there is the opportunity to give Lymphedema a voice. We need to speak out and tell our stories so that people understand what it is like to live with Lymphedema 24/7, if we do not speak out people will not understand how difficult it is to live with every day of your life. Lymphedema can be both secondary and primary, every person is different in how it affects them. Primary is caused by a fault in the lymphatic system that you are born with, sometimes it manifests at birth and in others it may start during puberty or even later in life. Secondary is caused by the removal of Lymph nodes during surgery, radiation or trauma to an area of the body. Lymphedema can affect one or two limbs or the whole body, there is a very wide range of how serious lymphedema is for each person. Millions of people have Lymphedema world-wide and many are hospitalized due to infections and other health issues caused by the Lymphedema.


What can you do in March to add your voice? If you stay silent and hide it will do nothing and nothing will change. Money is needed for research into understanding the lymphatic system. Maybe you could have a fund-raiser and donate the money to your local Lymphedema charity. Can you tell your story in a local paper? Can you share information on Facebook, twitter, Instagram or any social media outlet? Look out for what is happening in your country or local area and get involved.

I am happy to share your stories in the lead up to March. Email me on helenbrd@bigpond.net.au and send me your story of what it is like to have Lymphedema.

Do not stay silent. You do not have to use your own name if you would like to remain private but still tell your story.

Lets make this March and March 6th a very special time for those with Lymphedema…

Lets build awareness and understanding lets raise the much needed funds for research.

Lets make governments hear us and give better coverage via health funds.

Lets make a difference..

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION SHARE SHARE SHARE https://www.change.org/p/white-house-u-s-senate-u-s-house-of-representatives-world-health-organization-united-nations-global-leaders-declare-march-6th-world-lymphedema-day?recruiter=30211120&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink


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