A Catch up


Just a quick catch up to show you my legs early in the morning … The left leg had a lymph node transfer 2 years and 8 months ago from neck to knee.. As you see the calf ankle and foot are looking good in the morning and yesterday I did not wear a compression stocking. However due to my “Life in a Wheelchair” https://lifeinawheelchairblog.wordpress.com/about/ by the end of the day my ankles and feet swell because of all the sitting!! My Lymphoedema leg is worse but fortunatly they do go down over night. I sometimes feel quite sad that having gone through everything to try to improve my lymphoedema that another health problem, lumbar plexopathy,  comes along to make things difficult. I am quite sure that had I not been in a wheelchair this surgery would have been a great success, in fact I do believe that without it my leg would be far far worse sitting all day. One thing I looked forward to after my LNT was to wear some fancy shoes but other than first thing in the morning my feet do not look good in sandles or little danty shoes!! How ever I found these little ankle boots that buckle up from top to bottom and stop the swelling.image


This is also an adaptation for my legs being paralysed. During the winter I love to wear boots but I had not realized that my toes were curled under, as I put them on, causing a pressure sore. These little ankle boots ensure that does not happen as they open all the way to the bottom and I can make sure my toes are straight. So if nothing else I am learning to adapt and find ways that help my Lymphoedema even though I am in a wheelchair. I also elevate as often as possible, move my feet and ankles by rotating them with my hands, also bending my knees and I never forget to do some deep breathing, anything that helps!!

Today I got a call from the physiotherapy department at the local hospital for assessment. I hope that they will not only give me exercises to strengthen my upper body but also those that help the lymphatics. Today will also be an indoors day, as it is 38C, as we all know that does not help lymphedema.

How are you all progressing? Do you have a “catch up” for every one? Please add as a comment or email me so I can create a post for everyone to share helenbrd@bigpond.net.au

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you celebrating..image

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7 thoughts on “A Catch up

  1. The booties are adorable, Helen! I hope that physio helps.

    I have been using my iMRS Energy Mat for about two weeks and I am improving. I am finding homemade remedies such as Tumeric Milk (you can get the recipe online) is great for internal swelling. I am looking to certain foods to help cleanse my body inside and out. 🙂 Be well and keep your chin up honey.

  2. Love the booties, Helen. What is the brand? Did you get them online? Your left leg looks great! I’m interested in hearing about the breathing exercises. I just do breathing through diaphragm and some deep breathing then puff out. Is there anything else.

    • The booties are made by Kurt Geiger.. I bought them in Australia but they are an English company so maybe look on line.. I am always on the look out for good shoes!!! I just do the diaphragm breathing rather than from the chest.. Its just that conscious breathing deeply a few times so diaphragm moves in and out to stimulate the abdominal lymphatics… Sounds like you are doing the right thing already … Take care Helen

  3. Hi Helen I contacted you during the summer when I was contemplating lymph node transfer surgery . First I would like to thank you for all you do in getting us this information. Second I would like to tell you how I admire you, you are an extremely brave and strong woman who despite your own health issues have helped so many women. Thank you for that and please know you are in my prayers.
    I have decided to have the surgery and it is scheduled for 1/26/16. I will let you know how it goes, maybe I also can help others.
    My surgery will be in NYC at Sloane Kettering.
    Take care and Happy Holidays to all of my Lymph Friends.

    • Thank you … Helping others helps me too… I remember being so lost when first diagnosed, there was such a lack if information… Writing and sharing has expanded my world past ny own health issues… Good luck in January with your surgery… Keep us posted and any questions I am happy to answer… Work on having your limb in the best shape possible before surgery and post surgery follow your surgeons instructions …. Take care and goos luck Helen xx

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