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imageI am sure you are wondering when I was going to write again!!! I am sorry I have been rather slow at creating new posts. A few weeks ago I wrote “Sometimes Life does not go as you Expect,” which explained what had been happening in my life over the last six months. These events have really turned my life upside down but lately I have started to feel more settled and have felt the need to write again. Writing for me is a form of mindfulness that helps to keep my head a little quiet!! The last few days I have been thinking of how to approach my blogging and have decided to create another blog that embraces my new “Life in a Wheelchair”

Do not worry though as I will still continue this blog, “My Lymph Node Transplant,” as I believe it has become a wonderful resource for all those with Lymphedema, especially those who are considering surgery or who have had surgery for their Lymphedema. I love all the interaction that happens between people in the comments and the emails that I get from people. Please still continue to send me your stories so that I may post them, as by sharing our experiences we help each other. We have truly become an online community.

Just to keep you up to date with my own LNT which was now two and a half years ago. My leg is going well even though not an ideal situation in the wheelchair all day! My leg has good shape, knee and ankle bones show. I wear no compression at night and not everyday. I can go for a while without and then I wear it for a few days and it goes back to normal. Me leg is very soft, which is important, as that means fluid can be moved where fibrous tissue cannot, also still no infection which for me is a huge plus. My ankles do swell by the end of the day, due to sitting in my wheelchair, but this is Oedema rather than Lymphoedema, this swelling goes down each night. So I am happy with the results, not a cure but much better control and response to compression, MLD and elevation. This surgery is not suited to everyone but there are other options available now, lymphatic Liposuction and Lymphatic bypass. There continues to be improvement all the time as the surgeons become more experienced and document their work.

If you would like to follow my new blog then this is the link There have been a few teething problems with setting up the blog and some people have had difficulty following, I hope these are all resolved now, you do need to follow the new blog separately even though you are following this blog. I look forward to sharing my new experiences with you. Wishing you all well, Helen xx

7 thoughts on “My New Blog

  1. Many blessing to you Helen. I am researching some various options. Don’t know if you’ve heard of PEMF. It is about cell regeneration. I’ve order an energy mat. I’ll keep you post. Be well.

  2. Oh blimey, Helen- what on earth has happened since we last spoke? Im so sorry to see that a wheel chair is your mode of moving and heartily sympathise- my brother is a paraplegic and has been for 40 years- but I cannot begin to imagine the catastrophic changes you are having to make.
    Im currently having my stem cell top up and will update you on that soon.
    Stay safe, dear lady


    • Yes life has had some changes but it gradually happened over the past 4 years…. It took a long time to be diagnosed and is a very rare side effect of pelvic radiation… Nothing to do with the lymphoedema or the LNT but it means I am allowed no more surgery.. I am at the moment going through a huge learning curve and adjusting to life. My family and friends are fantastic and I am starting to feel that maybe I can do this!!! Let me know how you go with the latest stem cells, I hope this time you see results. I notice there are so many more people having various surgery, I get lots of emails with questions.. Take care Helen xx

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