Does this condition make me beautiful or does it make me imperfect?

A must read … Thank you for sharing

Flourishing With Lymphedema

A short narrative I wrote a few weeks ago when I first started to think about making a blog:

I’m home for the weekend and my mom and I decide to go to the grocery store. What would usually be a normal experience feels anything but. In my new Tevas you can clearly see my larger left foot which is covered in a beige compression garment. It’s never been my favorite thing to look at but right now I feel content.

My mom and I are going to what is basically the only grocery store in my small hometown, which is often known as the place you will see everyone you know. This is my first time openly wearing my compression garment in such a familiar place. Typically, I’d avoid letting my swollen left leg be shown at any cost. I’d rather not get the questions about “What happened?” or…

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