5 thoughts on “Today’s thought for you..

  1. Helen
    I love this. There is a wonderful book called the Four Agreements and one of those is to do your best. Your best may vary from day to day due to circumstances.

  2. Helen,
    I haven’t responded in a while as there is not a lot to say—no changes noted as yet—I am happy for Christine whom I just read about–for me, no change yet in the upper left leg nor the lower leg. I did measure the leg and nothing has changed…My LE was not as severe as Christine’s so I am happy that she has found a great deal of relief. For me, the top of my left thigh is still 21 inches and the top right thigh is still 19..I don’t really think the MLD does very much long term. It does soften my sausage toes for the moment but not for long term…I’m trying to hang on and be patient for the lymph nodes to grow in my groin. As for the bypasses in the lower left leg, I have not noticed anything as yet.–I know I have done all there is to do—I wear the elvarex all day on my left leg and at night the flexitouch and then the tribune with the comprilan wraps around the tribune. My weight is stable. I wait for the day to see my left ankle again as I initially did in the hospital when my left leg was unwrapped. I have not seen the ankle since then. I’m feeling a little blue and disappointed but I know God is by my side and whatever is supposed to happen, will happen for the right reason. I am healthy and that is of utmost importance. I’ll keep praying for all of us…Liz

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