5 months post surgery update and MRL results

One node growing… But wish and hope there are more… Good luck xxx

My lymph node transfer journey UK

Hi all,

So I had my MRL on the 3rd july and just received some preliminary results this week. The surgeon says it is good news, that they saw one functioning lymph node on the MRL and this means that the flap is alive and working. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t see any more nodes as surely one node can not do what I need it to do. I know it is still really early days and there may be others there that were just not seen but it is so hard to be patient. I am hoping to have another MRL near to xmas time where hopefully they will see more growth from the free flap and the channels forming more pathways. Has anyone else had an MRL before and if so what did they see? I know i should feel so happy that the flap is…

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