Kathy Bates speaks out for Lymphoedema

Kathy Bates, who has Lymphoedema of her arms post Breast Cancer treatment, is speaking out for the 10 million people who this disease affects… Both Primary and secondary lymphoedema


Thank  you so much Kathy for stepping into the lime light and giving Lymphoedema a voice…


6 thoughts on “Kathy Bates speaks out for Lymphoedema

  1. Well I still have tears streaming down my face. Well done Kathy Bates! May we all be able to
    cheer together when a cure for Lymphedema is here.
    Bless us all.

  2. She is so nice! What a touching speech! Finally getting the word out in the world and it seems she is really into it 😀. Best ambassador we could hope for: a classy actrice!

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