5 month post surgery update

Sharing the blog if a lady who had LNT to her arm in England …

My lymph node transfer journey UK

hi all,

sorry I haven’t written in a while…life sort of takes over! Some of the reason for not writing is that I haven’t seen much of a change since I last wrote. I had a check up in birmingham and the nurse is still optimistic that the new nodes are working although I haven’t seen any more improvement in my measurement since my last post. The lymphodema nurse now thinks the fluid has moved and what is left is fat that was originally lymph fluid. She has suggested that I discuss the possibility of liposuction to remove this fat…but says it is too early days to do that yet. I was sort of horrified at this..the last thing I want is another operation but I suppose if it helps  my arm look like normal again then I’d definitely consider it. I am booked in to see my surgeon on…

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