Are you Heating Up or Cooling Down?

These are some great tips for the summer months and travel… Thanks for sharing …

Life With Lymphedema

Does anyone else find his or her symptoms worsening during the summer months? Just because summer is heating up, does not mean your Lymphedema has to. I have made it a point to keep track of my personal journey and have also spoken to others affected by Lymphatic conditions to provide you with some helpful tips and tricks. The most common effects of increased Lymphatic symptoms more so during the summer months seem to be heat, humidity, travel, diet, dehydration and stress. So how do we stay mindful of these effects in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and thrive with our conditions?

First I encourage you to journal, take photos and track your symptoms good and bad. I have gained so much from doing this since being diagnosed. It has allowed me to mentally and visually track my progress and grasp a more in depth understanding of tools that may…

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2 thoughts on “Are you Heating Up or Cooling Down?

  1. Oh I am sorry, just seen this post, it’s in my junk :-((( I bet I have missed several of your updates x

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    Mary Fickling Director [cid:592824EE-AE2F-4AE5-9666-DD88A4B10FD7@home]

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