Help support the National Lymphedema Network!

The Lymphie Life

Throughout the month of May, the National Lymphedema Network is running their second annual Stomp Out Lymphedema virtual walk to raise money for lymphedema education and awareness. “While the field of lymphology has come a long way, countless patients with lymphedema and other lymphatic disorders remain largely unheard,” according to the NLN. “Patients continue to be misdiagnosed or worse—ignored. The Lymphedema Awareness Campaign’s goal is to change that.”

Last year, the NLN raised almost $20,000 to launch various initiatives through their Lymphedema Awareness Campaign. These projects included educational videos and free education kits to be distributed to recently diagnosed cancer patients in efforts to spread awareness about lymphedema before it develops, and to give them the proper knowledge if it does. This work is invaluable in empowering lymphedema patients and educating the medical community.

The NLN are in the midst of this year’s fundraiser and, with about two weeks left…

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