Lymphedema Awareness Day

Joining together to build awareness of Lymphoedema. Thanks for this post that brings together those giving Lymphoedema a voice.

The Lymphie Life

Happy Lymphedema Awareness Day!

Today is a day for us to join together and use our voices not only to spread awareness about lymphedema, but to celebrate our amazing community. I am constantly in awe of the lymphie spirit, which is so persistent and positive in the face of something that can, at times, feel so hopeless. It’s true that there is no cure for lymphedema, but there is hope through spreading awareness—and that’s what today is all about!

Established by the National Lymphedema Network in 1994, Lymphedema Awareness Day is specially designated to honor lymphedema patients and our health care providers. It’s also a day for us to raise our voices and let the world know that we’re here and that we deserve treatment, insurance coverage, and support for this condition.

Lymphedema affects millions of people worldwide and can be caused by injury, trauma, or congenital defects in the…

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2 thoughts on “Lymphedema Awareness Day

  1. Hi: I have lymphedema on my entire left leg. I just had my consult with Dr. Patel regarding lymph node transfer surgery. I am excited, yet nervous of negative results. My donor sight will be from my stomach to my ankle. How was the pain after the surgery for you? and how is the progress now that its been a while? Thank you for your blogs! lots of information.

    • Pain for me was ok in both areas but some people who had the neck for donner site gad some bad nerve pain for a while. Everyones experience is different and it is quite normal to be nervous and anxious before. I think we all experience that. Good luck and hope all goes well for you.

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