Update California LNT

imageLatest update from Cindy after LNT in California

“I wanted to update my original post now that I returned to work.

Just wanted to say that I am very tired by the end of the day. After work I come straight home and hope my energy level will soon improve. I don’t think my leg is swelling. I will get volume measurements tomorrow. Original measurements were taken from PT in California, which is a problem because different people come up with different numbers. Out of state (out of country surgery is difficult), the communication part is hard to keep up.

I am also having problems with my custom garment. I believe it is too big, as it bunches behind my knee. Prior to surgery I wore off the shelf compression hose. Custom compression garments are new to me.I’m waiting for my 3rd custom garment to come in, they are expensive. In the states my insurance will pay for them if I go through proper procedure. In California, my PT orders them (using doctors credit card), I receive them from Germany and then pay doctor directly and he sends me receipt. My insurance will not pay when it is ordered like that. I need an RX from Doctor, find an in-network person to measure and order has to be placed by an in-network medical supply company. Constant jumping through hoops 😁The other concern I have with the custom garment is how long it takes to dry after washing it!!! Very frustrating!!!!

Lastly, my biggest problem is psychological. I am still very fearful of doing anything that will impact my leg negatively. I am afraid to overuse it. I know that sounds strange, but it impacts my every movement and thought.” Cindy

Thanks Cindy for the update, the psychological aspect of this surgery is something no doctor tells you about, how ever it is very real for those of us who have gone through a LNT… The waiting for the nodes to start to make a difference and the fear of damaging them, is very real and takes time to pass. I hope it helps Cindy that you are not alone in this.. Helen

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