One year on- still searching.

Sadly the stem cells did not work at this time … But there is always hope for the future of this treatment and others… Never give up the fight for the future treatment of Lymphoedema… Thanks Val for allowing us to share your Journey with this …


Well, it is now one year since the start of this diary. This will be the last entry, as there is little more to tell you, I’m afraid.

I have given the stem cells one year to work some magic and in theory, they should have rebuilt some lymph vessels for me, if not all. I don’t know who is more disappointed, me or Dr Shim! He is a very compassionate man and has helped many people who are suffering venous leg ulcers and prevented amputations by applying his knowledge to their illnesses and injuries

My injury was just that- an injury- not a catastrophic failure of my lymphatic system. In theory, then- a small area to repair. It didn’t materialise, and maybe I should organise a top up with Dr Shim, but there are no further ‘repaired’ people to see, to report on, to feel convinced that the method…

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One thought on “One year on- still searching.

  1. Thanks, Helen. If I had seen one more ‘repaired’ patient, I’d have gone for a small run of stem cells, but there was nothing to encourage me to do this….yet!

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