August 2009…… I was only 17, when it all started.

Reblogging this post from a new Blog called Lymph Me… Remembering being disgnosed and not knowing what Lymphedema was… We have all been there so please support and share.. Thanks


I can still remember the day as though it was yesterday,when I was diagnosed

It was in the year 2009 when I was involved in a school production. The theme was Moulin Rouge and my friend and I Meggan Shiels and a few other girls were a part of the dancing crew.

I got home from school,after the production, on one of the compulsory weekend outs that the school encouraged for scholars who were in boarding school.Production excitement was still buzzing and just wanted to share the buzz with my mom.

Next day, while doing house chores, I noticed that the painless swelling has begun again. And so I did what every teenage girl would do (well some girls), I told my mom about it. She took one look at feet and said ,” Nana, you’ll be fine. You must have hurt yourself during the production and didn’t notice.”


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