Sue… 16 months post LNT

From Sue
“I went to my lymphedema therapist last night to have my leg remeasured. I am not 16 months post lymph node transfer surgery. My leg has continued to decrease in all areas, down about 1-1/2 inches in my thigh and knee, decreases in my foot and ankle. The difference between the size of my two legs was 26% in March and now it’s 19%!! There was a teeny tiny increase in the size of my calf but my therapist credits that to my daily stationary bike riding, so it’s muscle build up, not fluid! My compression hose size has decreased, too! I think the combination of wearing the compression stocking faithfully (and the stocking is the heavy knit material), daily exercise, healthy eating, and the faithful wearing of the night garment have all worked together to give me these amazing results. And maybe the surgery is starting to display results. Maybe those transferred lymph nodes are working. Also, my leg skin is now soft and pliable. I have not had an infection in three or four years. The most visual proof was comparing a tracing of my foot when I began therapy in January — large, flat with no arch — and the tracing made yesterday – a thinner, shapely foot with an arch! I hope this news will inspire anyone who is considering the lymph node transfer surgery – or even to someone who finds all of the work associated with the care of lymphedema is well worth the effort. When I think back to the time that I actually tried to ignore my lymphedema by not wearing compression hose, I realize that this ignorance cost me so much. My leg began to swell to the extent that my family and friends were really worried about the appearance of my leg. Yesterday my therapist told me that unless she actually examined my leg, she would not even know I have lymphedema and a lay person definitely would not be able to tell.

I know that lymphedema is a very expensive condition to manage but the cost of not managing is so very much higher – physically and psychologically. All of the effort involved in the care is well worth it.”…. Sue

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Thanks Sue for your latest update. Time is showing that the LNT helps the leg to respond much better to treatment and the wearing of compression garments. It is a slow process as the nodes start to grow and it takes a great deal of patience while-one waits for this to happen!! It can be so difficult as there is nothing that you can see to tell you it is working!! This is what I find so hard but the gradually reducing measurements are a very good sign that things are working. My leg is now only 5% bigger than my good leg, which is the smallest it has ever been. I did try a few days of not wearing compression but it did swell just a little by the end of the day… During the night it reduced again but I did not want to do this for to many days, as I did not want the leg to get worse again, but wanted to try it for a while and see the result… When the summer comes maybe there will be days when I can have my legs free!!! To all of you who have had LNT or who are thinking about it, I wish you all the best… Helen

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2 thoughts on “Sue… 16 months post LNT

  1. This is excellent news! I am 3 months post LNT, and have noticed small changes in my lower leg….but, not much else, yet. So, your news is very encouraging and a great reminder to be patient! 🙂 ….thank you! and continued success!

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