Preparing for Lipedema Liposuction (mind, body and wallet!)

For those with Lipedema this maybe a good blog to follow for personal infomation

My Lipedema Journey

A little over a week to go until my surgery and I’m preparing as much as possible to ease the recovery process. I spoke with a consultant who specialises with Lipedema and I was recommended to have Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM) at least two times prior to surgery.

So I would like to focus on two things that you should prepare: your physical body and your bank account. LDM is, at least where I live, rather expensive and from what I understand, not covered by insurance so it comes directly out of my pocket. As of yet I haven’t researched whether or not the rest of my surgery will be in some way claimable in my country but I will hopefully remember to report on that later (if not, please remind me)!

From what little I’ve prepared I am at least having LDM! It basically means I lie on a flat bed…

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2 thoughts on “Preparing for Lipedema Liposuction (mind, body and wallet!)

    • Personally I would not do a second transfer but I do not feel I need it but I know others that have more than one… Also drs need to decide if one is better suited to the lymphatic liposuction … This is better suited if more fibrotic tissue.. LNt is better if it is more fluid… I will send you an email so you can ask me questions if you like …

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