Help with self-care… Videos

These two videos were created at Mt Wilga Rehabilitation Hospital so that people who could not come to the hospital for therapy could benefit from their program…. One video is for lymphoedema of the arm and the other for legs. Some of the video content is duplicated but has individual topics for legs and arms.. The portion which shows self massage is very important for self-care. What I have learnt is the importance of clearing the abdominal area… The “basin” which is the area below the rib cage between the hip bones and pubic bone. Using abdominal breathing and then massaging into this area, to stimulate the many lymph nodes we have in the abdomen, you can actually start to feel the abdomen gurgling when you do this. It is also something you can do several times a day. Remember … Clear the Basin… This is a great help for those with leg lymphoedema as the lymph from the legs can then be cleared upwards and then eliminated from the body. I hope you find these videos helpful..

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8 thoughts on “Help with self-care… Videos

  1. These videos are very good – I am a thirteen year Lymphedema veteran and I still learned a few new things. Thanks for sharing these and your journey. I am keeping you in my prayers for a successful transplant surgery.

    Regards, Kathie

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    • Yes it is amazing what we keep learning… There continues to be new ideas for self care and stimulating the deeper lymphatics of the abdomen has really helped me … Thanks for your support.. Helen

    • These were created at the hospital where I had treatment for my Lymphoedema… A lady left some money to create them so others could benefit from their program but they are hidden away in You Tube but are actually little gems!!! 😃

  2. Thank you for this information. It has been very helpful. I don’t have a partner who can help me with the massages. And also I am having a hard time being fitted into compression stockings. I have been told that I need custom fitted stockings. Can someone tell me what they are. And where I can go to get properly fitted for them. Thank you. Jmjf

    • Your therapist that treats you for your lymphedema should also be able to measure you for custom made garments … Custom made means that they are made just for you to your measurements.. Most people need custom made as everyone has a different shape to their limbs .. .. Ask your therapist to show you how to do the massage yourself… Most of us just do our own massage you just cant get to your back but the rest works ok.. Take a look on the internet for self massage videos for lymphedema to get some different ones to learn from .. Helen

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