Why are my legs so fat? You might actually have Lipedema!

I am sharing this as it is a great check list to see if you may have Lipedema…. some people have a combination of Lymphedema and Lipedema… Or one or the other… The difference is Lymphedema is a retained fluid in the tissues where as Lipedema is a disorder of the fat tissue in the body.. Lipedema can also lead to lymphedema or visa versa due to the impact on the normal function of the Lymphatics. This article also has some great links to further information… Thanks Crystal for this post…



Do you feel embarrassed by your “thunder thighs” or “cankles”? You’re not alone. But, it might be more than just a need to lose a few pounds. Answer some of the questions below to determine if you might be suffering from a medical condition called Lipedema that affects approximately 11% of the female population. 

Do you frequently experience pain in one or both legs that feels achy, pressing, pulling, hot, or restless?

Do you have a larger, disproportionate bottom half and smaller waist, or pear shape? 

Do you bruise very easily?

Does it hurt (like a painful stub of the toe) if someone leans an elbow into your leg, presses with their fingers, or you lightly bump into something?

Do your legs or ankles seem to get more fatigued and swell up toward the later part of the evening?

Do you try to lose weight, but it never seems to…

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4 thoughts on “Why are my legs so fat? You might actually have Lipedema!

    • In Australia they do liposuction for lymphedema… It is a specialist treatment that protects the existing lymphatics and the canulars they use are finer than basic weight loss ones.. You do have to still wear garments 24/7 to stop it swelling again… It seems to really help those where the tissue has become more fibrous.. Even after a LNT this cannot move fibrous tissue …. At the moment i am getting complex therapy and laser to soften the fibrous tissue at back of my leg in the hope of shifting this… Maybe that is an option too… 😃

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