June is Lipedema/Lipoedema Awareness Month

Sharing for all those who have Lipedema or a combination of Lipedema and lymphedema. Many people do to realise they have Lipedema. Thanks Catherine for all your work

Lipedema Simplified BLOG

Lipedema/lipoedema was first named as a disorder/disease at the Mayo Clinic by Dr. Edgar Hines and Dr Edgar Allen in 1940.  Lipedema, known as lipoedema in Europe, is a chronic disorder of the adipose tissue generally affecting the legs, which causes the legs, and sometimes the arms, but not the feet, to accumulate fatty tissue. It’s been 74 years and only now with grass roots advocacy is lipedema receiving attention in the U.S. Help raise awareness.

Lipedema Stages 1 2 & 3 Lipedema Stages 1 2 & 3

June is Lipedema/lipoedema Awareness month. Beginning on June 1st, and all month long, I will be posting 1-3 minute short micro-documentary clips from the raw footage in process of being edited into a full length documentary. There will be postings on patient experiences, the process of diagnosis, conservative treatment: compression and MLD, lymph-sparing liposuction, information about the issues of anti-fat bias in healthcare, and interviews with many of…

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