How we support each other…


This is a wonderful reminder from “Simplee Serene” as to the ways we support each other. Since starting this blog I have realised how important this is. The ability to share knowledge with others, to share our deepest worries and concerns, to ask questions of those more experienced, to educate others, to laugh and cry with those who understand. Some people are able to join support groups in their area but these are few and far between. However social media has given us the opportunity to connect with others via the internet. There is now a world-wide community of those who have Lymphoedema. These communities gather via Facebook groups and pages, via Twitter and LinkedIn. They are able to stay connected chatting online, via email and Skype and when lucky enough can meet in person.

Supporting each other is so important, it makes a huge impact on quality of life and our ability to cope… Sharing with someone who truly understands is priceless… Please continue to share your stories and join in the “conversations” where ever you may be.

You may contact me via email…

Gathering of ladies in New York who all have Lymphedema and have had LNT surgery  Jennifer, Helen, Leslie, Kimber, Andrea...

Gathering of ladies in New York who all have Lymphedema and have had LNT surgery Jennifer, Helen, Leslie, Kimber, Andrea…


This photo was taken on a visit to New York… What a wonderful get together and so much talking!!! I really miss you girls xxx

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10 thoughts on “How we support each other…

  1. Beautifully said and oh so true! I’m in NY the end of May to see Drs Dayan and Smith! Maybe I will meet one of you out there!
    I am very grateful for your blog Helen… for it was thru you and encouragement from Lori and Kimber that I’m now going to NY!
    Many thanks!

    • It would be great if you had a chance to catch up with any of the ladies.. Maybe someone will read this who is in NYC and make contact!!! I look forward to hearing how you go with Dr Dayan…

  2. Helen, I miss you even more!!! Deb, I will be in NYC as well. Send me an email of the date and time of your appt. If I can remember correctly we go on the same day 🙂 Also, Leslie has her appt/check-up on that day as well.

  3. Hi Helen,
    Beautiful message. Beautiful image. And it’s so true; sharing with others who understand is priceless, no matter what you’re sharing about. Share on!

  4. Never a truer word Helen…talking to people who understand is such a relief. This condition is such a lonely one in different ways for different people and to find those few people who you can properly relate to and discuss all your questions, hopes and fears is almost indescribable. You have certainly been a wonderful support to me and my family 🙂 xx

    • It has been a very special thing for me to be allowed into peoples lives and it has helped me so much… As I always say.. I am no longer alone..❤️

  5. Hi Deb,
    Yes, on May 23 Kimber meets with Dr. Dayan at 11:00 am; my appointment is at 11:30. Is that the same date that you will be there? Helen, we miss you so, so much too. Can you figure a way to come back to the U.S.? 🙂
    Deb, my e-mail is Please let us know your appointment details!

    Leslie Jeffrey

    • Hi Leslie I emailed this to Deb as well incase she misses it here… I hope she gets to meet you two… I am working on New York..if I could I would jump on the plane tomorrow!!!! May be next year??? How are you going Leslie? Hope the pain has settled?? 😃😃

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