My Facebook Page….

This is a link to my Facebook page,  which is why I have not had so many posts on this blog lately. The Facebook page enables me to have quick links to articles, stories, videos, others blogs and pages about Lymphoedema. I like to share anything that I think may be of interest, or help, in treatment, care, research and living with lymphoedema. I am also able to repost older items from this blog, as often it is difficult to find the topics amongst over 200 posts that I have written. It is also a way for others to give quick feed back by liking or sharing and joining the community of others with Lymphedema.. So if you are on Facebook come find and like my page, so you will get updates in your news feed. I may venture into twitter but I am not there yet!!!


If anyone would like to share their story, or update a previous post, with the lymphedema community that reads this blog, then that would be great. It is by sharing our knowledge and experiences that we learn, it is also an opportunity for questions and answers from others. By speaking out we give lymphoedema a voice…

You can email me at

I look forward to hearing from you…. Helen


4 thoughts on “My Facebook Page….

  1. The Facebook page is great! Be sure to head on over and like it if you haven’t yet. And you should definitely venture into Twitter, Helen! I didn’t think I’d like it, but turns out, I do! It’s another wonderful venue to connect, share and just talk – I mean tweet!

    • Yes it is on my to do list .. Just need to put some time aside to do properly and learn!!! I will have some ready made people to start following!! Tweet tweet !!

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