Dr Chang… Improvements in microsurgery


This is a link from an article published in October 2013. It is about Dr Chang’s work in the USA improving microsurgery for Lymphedema…

Supermicrosurgery: A New Way to Open Clogged Drains



11 thoughts on “Dr Chang… Improvements in microsurgery

  1. Thank you so much for this article. I had no idea this was in the US. I will pass it on to my Physical Therapist and Oncologist.

  2. My best friend is being operated on by Dr. Chang in June at the University of Chicago! Be seems like a brilliant surgeon. He is doing both the venous bypass and the node transfer from her neck. We are very hopeful for positive results.

  3. I am a plastic surgeon who had the privilege to train under Dr. Chang while he was still at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas which is where I did my fellowship in microsurgery. He is one of the most talented and inspiring surgeons with whom I have ever worked. Currently I practice in New York City, and have established a program here to offer lymphovenous bypasses and lymph node transfers based on what I learned from Dr. Chang and other lymphedema surgery pioneers around the world. There is much promise in these procedures and I would be happy to answer any questions I can.

    • That is fantastc… Where in New York city are you situated … Do you have a web site? As you see in my blog i share mine and others stories of their experience with surgery for Lymphedema.. It has been a wonderful resource to gradually build on. This surgery is certainly growing and improving as there is more experience in the field.. Dr Chang would have been a wonderful teacher.. Stay in touch … Helen

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