A film about Lipoedema ….

This video is a must watch to understand Lipoedema. Created in Australia by the LASS group it was sent to me this morning by a friend, with the following information..

“For this film I have teamed up with Dietlind Wagner, a graphic designer & puppeteer and my daughter Tilly, a playwright in London. We thought the neutral medium of puppetry would be ideal to highlight this little-known condition which can make the lives of many women who suffer from it miserable. Lipoedema, is a condition where abnormal fatty deposits accumulate around the hips and legs but not the feet. Sometimes known as “painful fat syndrome,” women who have lipoedema often believe they are simply over-weight but find that no amount of exercise or diet reduces the fatty deposits. Their legs and thighs are out of proportion with the rest of their body. This condition affects women only and manifests itself usually after puberty, child-birth or menopause.

Imagine how soul-destroying it must be, when the only advice your doctor gives you is to lose weight, but you know too well you have already tried every diet under the sun.

With our film we want to reduce the prejudice towards those with the condition and instigate more research into the subject. I shall present the above poster at the 10th Australasian Lymphology Association Conference in Auckland (3-5 April 2014) and the film with the use of a QR code and a tablet.

Life would become so much easier for sufferers, if only more people knew it is a medical condition and not a weakness of the will.

Please share the film!

A big, fat Thank You!


Thanks Avril I am sharing this great video… Wonderful work and I am sure it will spread far and wide to build awareness of Lipoedema / Lipedema.

9 thoughts on “A film about Lipoedema ….

  1. Wow, very informative! Just the other day my doc referred to people suffering from Lipedema and I asked “what is that”? Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair . . .

    • No these illnesses are cruel at times … But a great video to explain… It must be so hard when people think you should just diet… How are you? Happy to be home??

  2. This is an excellent little film! It’s wonderful when creative, talented people get together on a project that opens eyes and promotes understanding. I have friends I will be sharing it with. Thank you!

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