Sue’s experience with Complex Bandaging..

Complex bandaging treatment for Lymphedema is time-consuming and restrictive while you have it done. Sue has had great results in combination with her Lymph Node Transfer… Some surgeons do this immediately after surgery and others later. It also depends on finding a therapist or Lymphedema clinic that can do this for you. Sue found it difficult to get this done properly after surgery but then found a new therapist and has had great results. I will be having this done in May to clear the last of the stubborn fluid from the mid leg area and to stimulate the nodes to grow and function more. I have to say it is like having a plaster cast on!!! Not funny but it does the trick. I also note Sue’s comment on how much money is spent on garments and treatment to keep the Lymphedema under control. This is something that not everyone is able to do, more financial help from health services in every country is needed. Everyone should have access to garments and treatment no matter where they live. I will add some links at the end on how to bandage..

Thanks Sue for this latest update and so glad your surgeon and Lymphedema specialist were happy!!


My complex bandaging kit… Photo Helensamia

“Helen, I will have more to add to this but yesterday I saw my lymphedema specialist.  She was so impressed that her eyes filled with tears.  She could not have been more proud of my progress.  She had a photo in her cell phone of my leg the last time she saw me — the time she was so disappointed in its appearance.  Now that I had 8 weeks of compression wrapping and wearing a custom garment day and night, the improvement is amazing.  I see the surgeon tomorrow, and I hope that he will be just as pleased.  He, too, was disappointed with the last visit so I am hoping to make him proud, too.  I truly believe most of the improvement is from good compression wrapping.  I had compression wrapping in the past, but it was just a roll of foam, wound up the leg, nothing around the toes or the foot and two large and two small bandages.  The new therapist put foam pieces in stocking nets which I wore on my upper and lower legs, both sides, the toes were individually wrapped and there were compression pieces of foam on my foot and along side both ankles — and the foot was all wrapped up as well.  If everyone could get to a therapist is on top of lymphedema and knows the right way to wrap the leg or arm, there would be a lot greater improvement in their condition.  I never had manual lymph drainage during the 8 weeks I was wrapped and they don’t believe in the pumps.  I know how to wrap properly now so I can always wrap the leg if I notice some extra swelling.  The measurements taken yesterday confirmed that all aspects of the leg were down – as I said, I lost 58% of the fluid from the wrapping.”


Wrapping toes too .. Photo google images

“Hi Helen – here is another update — I saw my surgeon yesterday. He was much happier with me than the last visit. I suppose it was because I finally did what he and my lymphedema doctor have been encouraging me to do — wrap the leg and then wear compression garments day and night! He did ask me whether he had done lymph node mapping before the surgery (I apparently was one of his first patients), and I told him that he had not. I think that means he could not be able to tell me whether any new ones had grown. So I will just have to guess at it! No matter, as it is what it is. If the surgery is as successful as yours, I really think they are there growing. My leg looks so much better — sure it is not a match for the other, but it’s good enough! I just know I cannot get lax about the compression garments. My insurance pays 1/2 of the cost — I just ordered one cocoa brown thigh high with toe caps and one blue with toe caps — my share of the cost $750! Now that would not be too bad if they lasted for more than six months. But I will have to replace them every six months. I wanted three stockings – black, blue and brown to match my clothes so that’s why I ordered them.

As far as the pump goes, my doctors do not like them. So I will probably stop using mine — it’s just another thing I won’t have to waste time on. When I think of all of the time and money I have spent since I got lymphedema, it makes my head spin. I don’t know if you remember this, but Betty Grable insured her legs with Lloyds of London. I think I ought to do that, too!.”… By Sue.. Thank you


Full leg bandage .. Photo google images


Full leg bandage.. Photo google images

This is a link to an article on Complex bandaging and videos to show you how to wrap for legs and arms..

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3 thoughts on “Sue’s experience with Complex Bandaging..

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  2. Thank you Sue for sharing your experience. I’m so glad you are on the road to recovery and have made such tremendous progress. It’s been an important message to keep it wrapped at night, and to keep the compression stockings on to get the fluid out. It will take a year or so for the new lymph nodes to do their job.
    Helen has talked about doing a session of Complex Decongestive Therapy to push the stubborn fluid along.
    I have been wearing an extra compression sock over top of the thigh high and I am happy to report that I was able to see my shin bone! There is still edema when I press down, but minimal. So, I am on board, for now, with the extra compression to keep as much of it out.
    I am really, really happy for you!

    • This extra compression is interesting… I have been wearing black sports compression tights over my normal compression.. I buy extra small so they give good compression and at the end of the day I have a better knee shape!!! My surgeon says you just have to squeeze all that fluid out!!! I guess it makes sense that the nodes need help while they grow!!

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