Waiting room get together.. New York


Jennifer’s therapist, Kimber, Jennifer and Lori .. Photo provided by Lori

I get so excited when I am sent photos like this, as I know if it was not for this blog, these wonderful ladies would not have the opportunity to get together. Thanks Lori for the great photo. All were gathered at the offices of Drs Becker and Vasilles or as Kimber calls them.. Jules and Beck!! Jennifer and Kimber had met before at our gathering in New York earlier in the year and I was able to tell them that Lori, who lives in California, was also there for her follow-up and to look out for her!! You can imagine the gossip that went on in the waiting room, while they were awaiting appointments, sharing stories and experiences.

Lymphedema can be a very lonely thing to deal with, as often there is no contact with others. Having surgery such as Lymph node transfers and liposuction to help the Lymphedema can be an even more lonely experience, as it is still new surgery. Meeting others is just the best, to talk to someone who understands where you are coming from, to share the ups and downs and the waiting that can only be understood by another in the same position. When you feel down it is great to have others to lift you up and in turn, being able to help another when they worry about the progress, is priceless.

This blog has given me so much and it is a joy to see others getting together and sharing. In this way we bring awareness to our situation and help others who follow behind. When I had my surgery there was no one to contact to ask about their experience. I had no idea of the roller coaster I was heading into!! Now I hope others will feel more prepared by reading this blog and the shared experiences..

Always remember that these are just our personal experiences and do not replace medical assessment and advice. This is major surgery and for everyone it will be different..


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4 thoughts on “Waiting room get together.. New York

  1. Hi Helen: first a huge thank you and even bigger gratitude (if it’s possible) for your blog and the sharing you do there. Your journey and the journeys of others is my inspiration. I live in NEW Mexico with the closest therapist hours away. I have been living with right arm lymphedema for over 10 years! I would love to get connected to Dr. Becker and to others IN the states that have had the VLNT …especially someone like Lori (in this post) who lives in Calif. I would like to know what their experiences have been like re: the surgery, follow up, insurance, housing while in NY and so much. I am like a lone wolf in my town when it comes to lymphedema… I have been traveling 3-5 hours to get treatment..ESP. Lately as I broke my wrist which really exacerbated the swelling as you might imagine!

    So if you wouldn’t mind asking Lori if I could contact her I would be so appreciative.

    I am also very happy to read about your progress and that of the others you share… You pioneers… Brave and courageous! I want to be that too!
    Thank you Helen… Debra

  2. Great blog Helen…I can imagine how wonderful it must have been for these ladies to meet up! I know having the opportunity to speak to oher parents in our situation is invaluable 🙂

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