Petition in Great Britain for NHS coverage of LNT after Breast Cancer treatment

This morning I received a request via the comments section on my ..Living with Lymphoedema page … I was asked to share this petition, which is a request to the government to include Lymph node transfers on the National health Service in Great Britain. I am sharing this for anyone to sign who lives in Great Britain. Thanks Hillary for sharing with us and I hope you get some joy from this petition.. Every opportunity we get we need to build awareness.. Please continue to share on social media.. Thanks


Hi Helen

A year ago I met a surgeon called Ms Anne Dancey at the BMI Hospital in Birmingham who transfers some lymph glands (nodes)from the groin and implants them into the affected armpit. It’s very expensive as it is only available privately at the moment. Although this doesn’t actually cure the lymphoedema, the results she is having are tremendous.

However, this is bolting the stable door, so I am currently running an e-petition in the hope that an earlier intervention will stop or reduce lymphoedema in its tracks.

Please see below. If we can prevent this life changing and very unpleasant condition, then every effort should be made to do so. It HAS to be cost-effective to the NHS in the longer term. This can do nothing but good for our next generation.

I am campaigning to have the surgery I’ve just had made available to everyone on the NHS. It makes such a huge improvement in the quality of daily life because I have to wear the painful, ugly sleeve and glove every single day, or pay for it later with much more swelling if I don’t. Simple jobs like washing dishes and using hand cream are now becoming possible as there is still a little way to go yet. I will also be able to buy “off the peg clothes” with sleeves!!! It doesn’t sound much, but to give you some idea, make a sandwich wearing a glove and wash up afterwards, then rub in some hand cream. This,of course won’t also be painful, but I would never wish that on anyone. As you will discover every minute of everyday is affected.

The surgery will save time and money, both for the sufferer and the NHS. Each day it takes a minimum of 45 minutes to do the physiotherapy and skin care. Then wriggling into the sleeve and glove can take a quite a few minutes too. By eliminating all the follow-up services too such as measuring, use of lymph assist machines and lasering, plus lessons in lymphatic control and the provision of sleeves and gloves, not to mention the training of specialist nurses. Reducing this will save the NHS money, so we will have happier cancer sufferers and at a lower cost, what’s not to like about that?

Please help me by voting for my e-petition by following this link:

then click on ‘Vote for this petition’. You will be asked to enter your name, address and email address, then you will get an email asking you to confirm. All you have to do then is click the link in that email and your vote will be registered.

When I get enough votes (and I need 100,000, so need all the help I can get) it will be debated in Parliament. Hopefully, it will be considered to be’s such a no brainer that the MPs will agree to it going ahead.

Please forward this to everyone you as it will improve the daily lives of so many sufferers beyond recognition.

Thanks in anticipation for your support.  By Hillary  Pengelly


7 thoughts on “Petition in Great Britain for NHS coverage of LNT after Breast Cancer treatment

  1. I wonder why you do not include people with secondary lymphoedema in legs? There are many of us who have gynaecological cancers who are left with leg lymphoedema which in same ways is more life limiting than in arms.

    • Hi Heather, it is not my petition I was just asked to promote it.. Like you I have leg Lymphedema too so I am not sure why the petition was not just to cover Lymph node transfers in general ??? Sorry it is out of my control but there needs to be 100,000 signatures to trigger a debate so a long way to go!…. Helen

  2. Hi Hilary I too have had lymph node transfer in the uk with Anne. I was wondering whether we could exchange contact details as id love to hear from you and updates about the progress of your arm. I am writing a blog too, you can find it by googling “my lymph node transfer journey uk”


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