Dr Corrine Becker with Lori


Dr Corrine Becker with Lori March 2014 provided by Lori

This is a wonderful picture that Lori sent me today from her appointment with Dr Becker and Dr Vasilles in New York, earlier this month. When someone changes your life it is hard to find the words and a hug says it all!! Dr Becker was pleased with Lori’s progress and as time goes by her lower leg will improve more and more. At a later stage there may be a need for a small amount of liposuction to get rid of the fibrous, stubborn areas.

This is a Link to Lori’s story of Primary Lympedema and surgery


Dr Corrine Becker is the pioneer of Lymph node Transfers and is responsible for teaching many doctors world-wide how to perform this surgery. In Paris she started more than 20 years ago and over the years has perfected the technique. That we have the opportunity to be part of this revolutionary treatment is truly giving hope to many. Over the next few years, with research into medications that help the development of the lymphatics, it feels like we are moving into exciting times.

This is a link to a study in Finland (2014) on Lymph node Transfers, it is long but there are items of interest about the use of Growth Factor written by Tiina Viitanen



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12 thoughts on “Dr Corrine Becker with Lori

  1. Hey, both of you looking good but especially you Lori! Take care and wishing you further progress and good results! Thanks Helen for this interesting file. I also like the explanation on the formation of the lymfatic system and on the anatomy of it. maybe i will pass this on to some of my doctors 😉 x

  2. Such a lovely photo! Thank you yet again for sharing not only your own but other people’s experiences of lymphoedema.

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