Interesting Research articles

imageThese are two interesting articles from Toronto Physiotherapy written by Ryan Davey… Thanks for posting on LinkedIn so I was able to find them!! I am sure many would be interested in a medication that would help Lymphedema and also the research into why some experience weight gain with Lymphedema.. Always looking for articles that step into the future for Lymphedema and shine a light of hope on improvements to treatment.


Ryan Davey

Ryan Davey earned a PhD in Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering at the University of Toronto, where he specialized in stem cells and regenerative medicine. While not writing and working with Toronto Physiotherapy, Ryan consults in the field of biotechnology.

Thanks to Toronto Physiotherapy for posting this information..

Toronto Physiotherapy
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5 thoughts on “Interesting Research articles

  1. very interesting! an experience i see myself that my better leg still responds to mld and the other doesnt… in fact now i feel it changing to non pitting , with elevation it doesnt get better and my skin is more firm like fat. instead of pitting where you could see it was skin with water moving under it. sad to see cus i do everything but now i see this is just an evident fact of longer le…
    my fysio said iy is ok cus non pitting is just water withouy proteins….clearly needs more education. i see myself it is not getting better. optimist talk wont buy me if it is me that sees it is differznt day by day…

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