Juzo’s “Keep Moving Movement” has begun!

Thanks so much for sharing this on your blog… It is so important that we who have Lymphedema never forget to keep moving as that is part of helping the lymphatics to work better. Any type of exercise is good .. I like to walk and walk in a pool or do water aerobics… Tell Juzo what you like to do … Thank you I have reblogged this 😃😃😃

The Lymphie Life

The month of March is Lymphedema Awareness Month, and to celebrate, the compression gear manufacturer Juzo is starting a movement. A woman working with the Juzo movement explained to me that the Keep Moving Movement is “designed to create an inspiring community filled with uplifting stories and journeys from Lymphedema patients as well as those with circulation, swelling, and other venous conditions.”

The Movement is a contest where entrants stand to win a grand prize of $5,000 “to use to improve his/her mind, body & soul.” The Second Place winner will receive a yoga retreat valued at $1,500, and Third Place will receive a Keep Moving Prize Pack valued at $500. Amazing prizes aside, the contest is an awesome opportunity to spread awareness and inspiration through sharing yourown personal story with the lymphedema community.

So what do you think – are you interested? If so, here’s how to get involved:

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