Big milestone!

Never let your Lymphedema define you or stop you from doing anything… Thank you for this very positive post which I have reblogged…Alexa shows us that having Lymphedema does not have to stop us doing things.. Thanks

The Lymphie Life

I achieved a major milestone the other day: for the first time in years, I bought – and wore – a pair of SHORTS.

Shorts! My lymphie leg is my right leg (on the left in the photo).

Last week I went on a weekend trip to Sedona, Arizona, with some of my girlfriends. As I was preparing for the trip, I was faced with a common lymphie conundrum: what to wear in the hot weather. Do I eschew my insecurities and wear something weather-appropriate and comfortable, or do I hide my leg and wear pants to camouflage my swelling? I contemplated my usual approach – wearing long, flowy pants or yoga pants – but decided they wouldn’t be conducive to the extensive hiking we’d be doing. There was one other option, though, one that I have actively avoided for years…

I could wear shorts.

The thought was tempting, yet…

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2 thoughts on “Big milestone!

  1. I sincerely could not tell which is your lymphie leg . . .. even when you pointed it out! You are a beautiful young woman . . . enjoy your life!

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