Happy Birthday!!


I am celebrating today the first birthday of my blog!! I never dreamed when I started this what it would lead to, how it would change my life. A year ago today I sat down at the computer with my daughter and made my first baby steps into blogging!!! Little did I know that this was also a passport to an amazing community of fellow bloggers and a chance to connect with so many wonderful people. I had always believed that I was not a writer and my Internet skills were quite limited!! Never the less I dived in and found that this was a great challenge, one to stretch my skills and create something that I had not thought possible at the start.

Now a year later I have created 174 posts my blog has been read in 131 countries and has had 37,269 views and 1363 comments. In addition to this I have “met” some amazing people, many I regularly email, at the start of the year in New York I met up with four of my Lymphie buddies… I never dreamed after 12 years of living with Lymphoedema that I would be able to connect with so many others. Being able to learn from them and help those newly diagnosed in what may help. Being able to share the experience of surgery with someone else who understands why you would try something so new!!

I must also remember the group of wonderful fellow bloggers who have taken me in, allowed me to share experiences as I have shared theirs. I have learnt so much from reading their blogs, understanding other health issues, recipes to try, sharing their travel experiences, healthy diets, ways of coping, beauty hints and many more. I have travelled the world without leaving my computer in Australia and been admitted to people’s lives..

I must thank all of you who have followed and supported me from the start as I took my first tentative steps, to those who have only recently discovered this blog.. Welcome.. The interaction that I get from everyone is fantastic, I love the questions, the news and the bringing together of people that this blog has achieved. I hope that you are all still here with me when I celebrate another year, as always I love to share peoples stories and experiences … You can contact me on helenbrd@bigpond.net.au

Happy First Birthday !!


37 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!!

  1. Hi Helen – I have been following your blog since it’s inception. I have had lymphedema since 1998 in my left leg as the result of cancer surgery. I had lyposuction last year on February 21 in California ( I live in Florida ) my hope is to have transplant surgery eventually. Thank you for all the information and sharing your story.

    • That is good to hear and hope that you are doing well… It helps to hear others experience, i have a friend who had lyposuction like you and is very happy with results … She had hers done in Sydney πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  2. Happy Birthday! I have truly enjoyed your blog and all of your information. You are a blessing to me and many others. Looking forward to another year!

  3. Happy birthday to the blog Helen, it’s been so nice to follow your path, ups and downs over this year – reminds me of many good talks around the brekky table in the past. I’ve learned heaps about lymphodemea over the year, not only the medical side, but very much the emotional and physical sides that are equally part of any illness.
    Our best greetings from the Arctic circle!

  4. A great big congratulations to you Helen. Your blog is terrific! I look forward to getting those emails with your blog posts. You have created a world wide support group that has been, at least for me, absolutely invaluable. This is a birthday gift for all your readers. And, I love the graphics and photos. Cheers!

    • Thanks so much Jennifer… It has been the best gift for me too… Connecting with all of you has been very special and something I never imagined would happen .. The Internet creates a global village where we can all meet ..❀❀

  5. Happy, happy blog birthday to you, our dear Helen! Thank YOU for your wonderful creation so those of us suffering with LE do not feel so alone and isolated. Sharing and learning from others helps us to make informed decisions. Your blog is invaluable and we thank you for your commitment and dedication. xo

    • You have all taught me so much too… In the last year the changes have been so positive for me too… No longer dealing with LE alone … Talking to those who truly understand… You are my friends and support ❀❀

  6. Dear Helen ,
    is it only one year ? ….i have the feeling that i know you for a much longer time πŸ˜‰ I love your strenght, intelligence and dedication and how you bring people together with this attitude! It has been a pleasure meeting you and I hope you will continue writing your blog. It meens a lot to me. Thanks ! X

    • Yes the blog will continue to grow and progress as we explore new areas, new hope, as we search for the light at the end of the tunnel..the friends I have made will always be with me as we share a unique bond.. Thank you for your help and support and the interesting articles you find me … ❀❀

  7. Happy Birthday and thankyou, as said above your blog is really helpful to all your fellow lymphies, and I look forward to reading it X

  8. Congratulations! I can’t believe how fast that year’s gone but it’s amazing to see how many fellow lymphies (and others) from all around the world have been inspired by your blog in that time.

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