26 thoughts on “Hello!!

  1. Hi
    I’ve read your blog
    I’ve had breast cancer and have developed lymphedemia. It has gotten worse and I have been communicating with Dr Corinne Becker in Paris. She says I should go to paris for her to do the transplant. I would love too but being Australian it seems there are obstacles re no medicare cover and my private health insurance wont cover Teaxhers Health
    Can you share any information on this

    • They are doing this surgery at Macquarie University Hospital in Sydney but Dr Corine Becker has far more experience but you would have to pay for it yourself … Seeing her in Paris would cost far less than in the USA … The other problem having it done overseas is the lack of follow up…. Difficult decisions for sure… Dr Becker is the pioneer of this surgery… I am not sure how the arm surgery is going at Macquarie university Hospital but you could certainly ask lots of questions and find out…. Let me know how you go .. My email is helenbrd@bigpond.net.au Helen….

    • Hi Barbara. My name is Coril and I am in Australia, Cooranbong NSW and have been to Macquarie to see about the lymph node transplant. I would be happy to ring you and tell you what I have been told if you email me your phone number.
      What area are you in? Not sure how this works but my email is corilmay@bigpond,com
      Kind regards Coril

      • Hi Coril are you to have a LNT to your arm at MUH … I had my leg done in March last year … Would love to hear how you go or what the plans are for you ??? Barbara should get your message I think if you did this as a reply to her … Helen

  2. Love this information Helen, if anyone wants to contact me regarding my story on my recent five week stint in Hospital post LNT, please feel free on jmlm04@hotmail.com
    My leg is back to normal (fat heavy and cumbersome) and work is beckoning….. must return and cope. Look forward to our next catch up with Tina, and please bring the talking stick! I’m sure I need it after last get together x

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