Research in progress

I have to admit that I do not understand a great deal of this research but I have been told this is a very promising area, but outcomes many years away, at least ten or more. The issue with gene therapy and growth factors is the danger of causing cancer, so progress is very slow and cautious, safe results are the priority.

Please click on the links if you are interested in some of the latest research

If like me you are a little confused, by all this just be happy that there is research happening to find a way of improving the lives of those with both Primary and Secondary Lymphedema… Thank you to the scientists who are giving time to this. It gives hope for a better future….


4 thoughts on “Research in progress

  1. It is encouraging to see that researchers are putting dedication in something for the long run and are willing to spend research! (and years of research) in it…. This is the only way that maybe us and hopefully our children will benefit from it. Thanks to medicine and investigators that have patience and dedication to find finally a true solution to this! Only this is already very hopeful to me, it has been neglected for too long, finally I have the feeling that they are waking up and are listening to the urgent need for a treatment (the voice of the patient!). This makes my day!

    • All research is of benefit to the future.. To see companies spending money on this at last… It will be years away before solutions are found but it gives people hope..😃😃

    • For sure… A light at the end of the tunnel !! The acknowledgment that Lymphoedema is a major problem and that companies must put money into research for medications and surgery.. As you say Research and Hope…❤

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