Research in progress

I have to admit that I do not understand a great deal of this research but I have been told this is a very promising area, but outcomes many years away, at least ten or more. The issue with gene therapy and growth factors is the danger of causing cancer, so progress is very slow and cautious, safe results are the priority.

Please click on the links if you are interested in some of the latest research

If like me you are a little confused, by all this just be happy that there is research happening to find a way of improving the lives of those with both Primary and Secondary Lymphedema… Thank you to the scientists who are giving time to this. It gives hope for a better future….


You are in our prayers.


Sadly today, on behalf of everyone who is part of this Lymphedema community, I send condolences to Lori whose son died this week while serving in the US Army. This young man graduated from West Point last year and will be sadly missed by Lori her family and friends. I ask that you remember Lori and her family in your prayers and ask that they be given the strength to cope with such unbearable  sorrow.. You are in our thoughts..

New York Bonding!!


Jennifer,Helen, Leslie, Kimber, Andrea

What a wonderful day today.. Since starting my blog way back in March 2013 I have connected with many fellow “Lymphies” all over the world. Today, while on holiday in New York, I was able to meet up with four other ladies who have Lymphoedema, as you can imagine the talk never stopped, we shared stories, experiences, highs and lows, but mostly it was great to talk with others who understood the daily routine of living with Lymphoedema. Four of us have had Lymph node transfers and one is looking into this surgery. Four of us are secondary Lymphoedma and one primary. Four have Lymphoedema in one leg and one has Lymphoedema in both legs.

When I started to write my blog I never dreamed that one day I would actually meet up with others who would understand why I have yellow rubber gloves in my handbag!!!

Thank you so much to Kimber, Jennifer, Leslie and Andrea for meeting me today. This is a day I will always remember.. ❤❤


New York 2014

Go with the Flow: Tips to Manage Lymphedema at Work

Reblogging this to give others ideas for getting through a work day… Thank you for this fun view of a “day at the office”… Reminding us that it is NOT just about the Lymphedema it is about life in general… It is about doing the very best we can and not letting the LE take over!! Thanks

Lymphedema Diary by Britta Vander Linden

Caring for lymphedema can feel like a full-time job.  But it’s a position that  doesn’t pay a salary or come with benefits.

workSo, to help pay the bills in my household, I work for an elected official in New York.  I do anything and everything I can to help my boss communicate with the public and the press in a positive and straightforward manner. It’s a 24/7 job. That’s not a complaint, just a fact.

My philosophy is: keep the mind engaged and you will forget about the uncooperative body.

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