Fight for what you want…


Living with Lymphoedema often leads to frustrations with ourselves and others.. Frustration with doctors who do not understand, frustration with the lack of treatments available, frustration with the lack of health cover available, frustration with the 24/7 presence of Lymphoedema, frustration with the daily routine that we need and so the list goes on!! However we need to push through all of these to live our lives the best that we can. We can fight the system for what we need, we can push for better recognition and understanding of Lymphoedema and we can push for a better future for ourselves and others…. Together we can support each other in this…

Today I also want to bring you two blogs that could be of interest to you… These are personal accounts of living with Lymphedema… Thank you Monique and Lymphedema girl for creating them….

Lymphedema Runner
Lymphedema Girl


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