Lymphoedema… Not just in arms and legs

I saw this article via LinkedIn and it reminded me that Lymphoedema is not just something that happens to arms and legs, it can occur in any part of the body. This can be the result of secondary Lymphoedema or Primary Lymphoedema. For obvious reasons LE of the head, neck, abdomen, trunk and chest are much harder to treat. MLD becomes difficult and custom-made garments can have problems fitting correctly. When more than one area is affected people experience physical problems as well as a compromised Lymphatic system. There is little support or emphasis on LE for areas other than arms and legs, therefore it is great to see this article which is a patients guide to head and neck Lymphoedema.


Patient guide to head and neck lymphedema following cancer treatment
By Ryan Davey
Scientist and Business Owner

We just completed a little summary of the latest research on head and neck lymphedema (HNL) and thought we might share it with the group. The prevalence of HNL is very high in patients treated for head and neck cancer, but there isn’t a lot of information available on the condition, nor are there many clinical studies. If you’re interested you can find our patient guide here:


Thanks Ryan for allowing me to share this article..

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