Believe in yourself….


This blog has the stories of mine and others journey with Lymphoedema, how, why and where! We are each different in how we came to have Lymphoedema, but what we have in common is stepping out into the darkness in search of surgery that may help or heal the Lymphoedema…. What we would love is to throw away the compression garments and say that’s it… No more!!!! However the journey is slow, filled with ups and downs, as the research and knowledge grows more progress is made but the waiting to see if nodes have grown, lymph vessels established takes time. My thoughts are that for legs more than one transfer is needed as it is a larger area than the arms, but only time will tell! For some it is a combination of LNT and liposuction or just the liposuction. Now we have a new area to monitor with the use of Stem Cells being added to the mix.. We await the progress of Val who is having Liposuction and stem cell therapy. I must add though at this stage there is no proof that the stem cell therapy works and it is very much experimental… Follow up needs to be done over a number of years with all these surgeries. Specialist Lymphoedema Liposuction (not cosmetic liposuction) reduces swelling but a compression garment needs to be worn 24/7 after surgery to stop the limb re swelling..

If you are new to this blog there is a great deal of information re surgery and self-care. If you would like to find a particular topic use the search button found by scrolling down the posts to the bottom.

Nothing in this blog replaces medical advice and I make no opinion on which surgery or procedure is better or worse!! I just wanted to bring together people’s experience from a personal, patient centred view-point. I hope to be able to follow those who have given their stories for a number of years to get a true picture of their progress. I would also love to share more posts about people’s personal experiences of either living with Lymphoedema or the surgeries that people have had.. My email is

If people wish to remain private I will not use real names, but the more we share the more we learn… Thanks for all the support, wonderful comments and just being there for me, the Internet is an amazing tool when stepping out alone.. I feel it is so important that we “Believe in Ourselves”… To those having surgery I wish you good luck … You know who you are…Be strong and heal well .. Helen


7 thoughts on “Believe in yourself….

  1. I had my preop visit for lymph node transfer on my right arm. I will also have LVA on my right hand. My surgery is Dec. 17. I am excited for the possibilities.

    • That is great I wish you well.. Where are you having your surgery? There is so much more experience with the arm surgery.. Please let us know your progress I have not had someone detail how they go with surgery to the arm so would be great to know.. Take care Helen

  2. It’s nice to know that there are others so similar to myself out there. Who understand. Who have walked the path before me, have tried things I haven’t yet, and share their experiences for us to read. Knowledge is power!

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