The search for the Holy Grail- a cure for Lymphodema? (Pre-operative thoughts)

Thanks Val for allowing us to share your journey via this blog… I will be following with interest the progress and results … Good luck on your surgery day…

I must note that this treatment is experimental and there have been no clinical trials nor results from  previous patients other than they are still wearing compression… at the moment the results are the same as for liposuction.. Caution should be used with stem cells at this time as they are being offered with out the backing of results to show safety and results … The info in this booklet is very helpful in making decisions re stem cells and gives a better understanding of where this research is at…



November 2013.

My name is Valerie, I’m 52. I currently live in South Korea, with my wonderful husband and our two Cairn Terriers.

This blog aims to reflect my thoughts and opinions on receiving a different new treatment for a couple of medical conditions that are making my daily living much tougher. I hope this journey and collection of facts and thoughts will be helpful to other sufferers about this new treatment, but I am not a medical person, so they may be simplistic rather than medically correct or complete.

I am just an average human being, looking for a cure. If you are too, then – Welcome! I would be happy to share the journey of this experience with you, please feel free to ask if there’s anything you want to know about what happens over the new few months.

I hope you find at least some of it useful as we all hope we…

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4 thoughts on “The search for the Holy Grail- a cure for Lymphodema? (Pre-operative thoughts)

  1. Best wishes to you, Val, as you undergo and recover from your surgery. All good thoughts go out to you and I look forward to your updates!

  2. All the best to you Val. The operation you are about to undergo is a great breakthrough in the search for a cure for this unrelenting condition. Thank you for being a pioneer and perhaps setting a trail for other sufferers for whom in the past there was no hope. I will be thinking and praying for you.

    (a fellow Lymphodaema sufferer)

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